Our clients are in great need of our services and we are therefore always looking for more employees.

Senior Consultant:
We want you who have the ability to actively help us to streamline our clients' business. We assume that you have deep expertise in one or more of our specialist areas. The work also includes business development and project management. Your background should be MSc or equivalent with specialization in Systems Engineering and you should have several years experience working independently with customers.

As part of streamlining our clients' business, we also have responsibility for customer applications. Therefore, we also need consultants who can maintain and further develop these systems. We can also consider consultanats, with passion for our specialty areas, who want to develop into a senior consultant. You should have a MSc or equivalent with several years experience in technical systems development

You are welcome to send your job application together with a CV to us!

Tommy Nordqvist [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]
Front End Strategy AB
S:t Larsgatan 3
+46(0)13 24 93 51



Further development of software for control of manufacturing process


Front End Strategy AB has been awarded contract on further development of software for control of manufacturing process



Front End Strategy AB gives two presentations at TIDE Sprint in Genoa, Italien. The first presentation "EA as a Coherency Enabler for FMN" presents our model on support to FMN and the delivery of information products needed. The second presentation "Tactical Communications Tool (TCT ) from an operational point of view " describes how to use TCT and what support TCT gives when planning over time.

Support to large Goverment in their development of EA-support


Front End Strategy AB has been awarded contract on support to a large Government initiative in Enterprise Architecture. Front End Strategy Enterprise Architect shall focus on support development of models that supports information exchange between different Governments.r.