Successful companies and organisations deliver services and products with the right quality, in the right time and to the right cost. To be successful, companies and organisations needs to continuously analyse customer needs and adjust to them.

Front End help companies and organisations to analyze customer needs together with existing work processes, organisation, human resources and IT systems to identify necessary changes to better fulfill customer requirements. Front End also supports their customers in the implementation of for example more efficient work processes and IT systems.

Front End has performed Business Process Modelling/Enterprise Architecture for companies and organisations within areas such as:
•  Product Development
•  Customer Support
•  Patient Care
•  Software and Systems Engineering

The international development puts increased demands on interoperability between businesses. These demands have resulted in an increased interest in methods and tools that support Enterprise Architecture. Examples of international efforts within the area are the development of common processes and description frameworks, so called Architectural Frameworks. Examples of these are TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), MODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework), NAF (NATO Architecture Framework), and FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework).

Front End has supported companies and organisations to develop descriptions of complex enterprises with the purpose of analyzing the enterprise and to make it more efficient.

Front End has competence and long practical experience from:
•  Training in Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
•  Development of strategies and concrete plans for implementing Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
•  Coaching when performing EA projects
•  Selection and tailoring of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks tools
•  Development of Enterprise Descriptions using Architecture Frameworks


Comrod Acquires Front End Strategy AB

Comrod Acquires Front End Strategy AB – Adds mission planning software and strengthens system architecture capability

Comrod, a leading provider of systems and solutions for tactical communications, has acquired Front End Strategy AB, a software and consulting company based in Linköping, Sweden. The acquisition brings Front End's market leading mission planning software into Comrod's tactical communication portfolio. Furthermore, Comrod gains a strong consulting business with long standing relations in the government and defence market.

Front End Strategy will become a subsidiary of Comrod Mission Systems AB where it will operate the company's consulting business.

"This is the culmination of several years of mutually beneficial cooperation, and looking forward we see a strong customer interest both in our mission planning software as well as in our specialized consulting services", said Tommy Nordqvist, CEO of Comrod Mission Systems. "Existing customers of Front End Strategy will not notice any change beyond being able to benefit from a larger resource pool", he added.

"Our companies' well aligned customer base coupled with our highly complementary skillset allow us to better serve existing customers as well as reaching new ones", said Ole Gunnar Fjelde, CEO of the Comrod group. "Comrod remains committed to providing end users, system providers and integrators with the best available tools for the job and support them in their mission."

Custodian TACOMS EA model

Front End has been given the contract on custodianship for TACOMS EA model until Q1 2018 from NATO Communcation and Information Agency. The EA model describes how the results from the TACOMS project relate to NATO effort within Federated Mission Network.

Further development of IT support for meteorologists


Front End has been entrusted to further develop IT support for meteorological forecasts.