Further development of IT support for meteorologists


Front End has been entrusted to further develop IT support for meteorological forecasts.

Enterprise Architecture/Business Management System


Front End has received a new contract on supporting a large organisation in their work on Business Management System.

License sales

Front End delivers licenses for development and use of Business Management System for a big Swedish organization.

Enterprise Architecture


Front End has received a contract to support a large Swedish Government Agency with development of a model for their business that is going to be used in their work on more effective business processes and IT.

Further development of Tactical Communications Tool (TCT)


Front End has recieved a new order for further development of TCT. The agreement is for the period of 2016, with possible prologation to 2020-12-31.



Front End has participated in NATO TIDE Conference in Krakow, Poland. On this conference we presented the EA model developed to support the TACOMS (Technical Communication between different Technical Infrastructures. Front End also presented their proposal on method for Mission Thread Development. This method is now a building block in NATO development of the “Mission Thread Development Method”.

Development of Business Management System


Front End has been given the task to support a large government in the effort of developing a Business Management System.

NATO TIDE EA Hackathon


Front End, together with MooD International has participated in NATO 1st Enterprise Architecture Hackathon, a competition where teams were tasked to develop a proposal on a method for Mission Thread Development.

TACOMS Enterprise Architecture model at SESAM


Front End presents the Enterprise Architecture Model, developed to support the 10-nations (TACOMS) project focusing on IT-communication at the SESAM seminar. Participants at the seminar were from Swedish Armed Forces, FMV and Industry.

Cooperation Agreement with Thales


Front End has signed a cooperation agreement with Thales Group International, one of the worlds largest players within Aerospace, Space, Security and Transportation. The agreement last at least 15 years and is a great opportunity for Front End!

Participation at TIDE Sprint


Front End participates at TIDE Sprint 2015 in West Virigina, USA and presents the Enterprise Architecture Model, developed within the 10-nations project TACOMS, focusing IT Communications.

Overall requirements specification

Front End support the development of general requirements on new ship.

International project within the Enterprise Architecture area

Front End has prolonged the agreement on support of a 10-nation project within the communications area. The task is to develop an Enterprise Architecture based on NAF which illustrates the technical architecture for a solution that shall make it possible to communicate independent of technical infrastructure.

License sales

Front End delivers licenses to large International actor.

Tool for Product Portfolio Management

Front End has receive a contract to deliver methods and tools for a large government agency need for life cycle management of part of their product portfolio


Contract on adjustment and further development of our software for planning of mobile communications networks

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract from a large international customer on further development of our software (TCT).

Further support to development of IT-security

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a new contract from a large company to support their development of IT-security functions.

Support to large government in their digitizing journey

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract in support to large government in the development on Software to support the digitizing of their business.