The C3 Taxonomy is a model that represents the concepts and their relationships involved in all the life-cycle activities for NATO's Consultation, Command and Control (C3) capabilities. The C3 Taxonomy provides a tool and common language to synchronize these activities and improve connecting NATO's Strategic Concept and Political Guidance through levels of ambition expressed in the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP), to traditional Communications and Information Systems (CIS) architecture and design constructs.

The purpose of this C3 Taxonomy is to capture concepts from various communities and record them for item classification, integration and harmonization purposes. Recognizing their dependencies and relationships, the taxonomy plots and associates political and military ambitions, Mission-to-Task Decomposition, Capability Hierarchy, Statements and Codes, Business Processes, Information Products, User Applications, Technical Services and Equipment definitions and requirements to Reference Documents, Standards, Patterns, Increments and other concepts.

Bring strategy, business and technology together

Bringing strategy, business and technology together

The concept behind the C3 Taxonomy is very powerful and it provides the ability to bring order and structure to a complex organization, not only in terms of NATO C3 capabilities. Even though the content is NATO specific, the architecture of the taxonomy has a huge potential for other organizations as well.

The C3 Taxonomy creates a bridge from the strategic level, via business processes to the technical landscape that provides a vital overview of the whole organization and how all the different aspects fit together, or not fit together which is just as important.

Enhanced model and visualization

In order to enable the full potential of the C3 Taxonomy, Front End Strategy has developed an enhanced, database driven model that combines the complexity of the taxonomy with a interactive, web based user interface. This provides a powerful and flexible platform that can be further developed in order to add more functionality and adapt the model to other contexts.

Sounds interesting?

If you are interested in how the C3 Taxonomy works and how your organization could benefit from it you are more than welcome to contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at +46 13 24 93 50. 

C3 Taxonomy EA Model by Front End

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