SAT - Scenario & Activity Tool is a tool for modelling and visualisation of dynamic scenarios. SAT assist users when building models consisting of objects and events.

The tool can visualise:
•  Movements of objects
•  Interactions between objects
•  When objects are visual

SAT mainly consist of three parts:
•  A map where dynamic scenarios are visualised
•  A palette of symbols from which symbols can be drag-and-dropped on the map, representing different objects in the scenario
•  An event schedule where movements and interactions between objects are edited in terms of time

The main goal with SAT is to provide a quick and easy way of describing dynamic scenarios that later on can be used for discussions, presentations or analysis in working groups.

The tool is first and foremost developed to support the development and analysis of scenarios within the Swedish Armed Forces, but can also be used for civil applications. SAT is free of charge to employees of the Swedish Total Defence. SAT uses SpatialAce® from Carmenta for map presentation.


For more information:   SAT Product Description    


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