Front End Strategy has, since 2000, developed Tactical Communications Tool (TCT) in cooperation with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Every year a new version of TCT is being delivered to FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. TCT is now also marketed internationally. TCT is continuously developed by adding new functionality and modernizing the user interface.

TCT supports planning and managing of rapidly changing communications networks. The user can plan each event in the network, such as redeployment of nodes and establishment of radio links. The user is supported in choosing deployment positions depending on selected equipment.


TCT can also calculate radio coverage, i.e. how well a selected radio equipment covers a geographical area, given the radio equipment of the receiver. The user can set the requirements needed for a radio link, see the terrain profile for a link, and see all calculation results for a link.

TCT has been battle tested in several domestic exercises and in international peace keeping missions. 




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