Front End Strategy have performed or is engaged in projects with:

    Swedish Armed Forces: Development of methods for Capability Engineering. Development of a portal for Capability Engineering.

Swedish Defence Material Administration: Many different projects focusing on for example: Enterprise Architecture development, modelling and simulation, business process modelling, requirements engineering, procurement support.


Swedish Road Administration: Development of an accident database to support health care to plan their business based on accident statistics.


Swedish Maritime Administration: A study to optimize the location of pilot offices in relation to harbours and boats.

      Swedish Coast Guard: Study of the optimal information exchanges between Swedish Coast Guard, Swedish Armed Forces and the police forces.
Swedish Police: Comparison of ISO/IEC 15288 Systems Engineering Life Cycle Processes and Rational Unified Process.
Nokia: Support in introduction of a new production process
ABB: Support in introduction of a new development process.
SAAB:Development of Enterprise Architecture Model and use of simulation to investigate pros and cons of organisational changes. Test support in development of support systems for advanced aerospace systems.
Bombardier: Support in introduction of new development process.
Volvo Penta: Business process development through use of EA and modelling and simulation to make the production lines more efficient.


Together with some of our partners we have also performed projects with:



Further support to development of IT-security

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a new contract from a large company to support their development of IT-security functions.

Support to large government in their digitizing journey

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract in support to large government in the development on Software to support the digitizing of their business

Software for monitoring and control of masts and antennas

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract on development of software for monitoring and control of masts and antennas.