Most companies and organizations need some IT system to perform their business in an efficient way. To get the right IT system, with the right functionality, to the right prize and when it is needed, professional requirements engineering is necessary. Professional requirements engineering includes analyzing the business needs, identifying necessary requirements on the IT system, expressing these requirements in a way that is understood by both the business and the engineers, and to continuously manage the requirements during the process of designing, implementing and testing the IT system.

Front End Strategy has helped companies and organisations to perform requirements engineering for IT systems within the following areas:
•  Tele Communications Planning
•  Simulation Applications
•  Distributed Weather Presentation
•  Strategic Business Planning
•  Training of management personnel

To make the requirements engineering process qualitatively more effective Front End Strategy uses prototyping and simulation. Together with customers we develop prototypes that can be used to streamline the requirements specification.


Further support to development of IT-security

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a new contract from a large company to support their development of IT-security functions.

Support to large government in their digitizing journey

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract in support to large government in the development on Software to support the digitizing of their business

Software for monitoring and control of masts and antennas

Front End Strategy AB has been awarded a contract on development of software for monitoring and control of masts and antennas.